North Saanich middle school students make their move Monday

Students will transfer from old school to new building on March 26

Students Joseph Harry

Students Joseph Harry

Students will assemble in the basketball court of the old North Saanich middle school Monday morning (March 26). After a short assembly in the old school gym, classes will proceed to the new school across the street. After a short assembly to discuss new school routines, the kids will take tours of the new school.

With a capacity of 400, the new school for grades 6 to 8 replaces the existing 550-capacity school built in 1944. It’s on budget and on time, opening after spring break.

The carefully crafted design of the school takes in mind not only LEED standards – as the school strives for environmental gold – but student needs as well. Natural light filters across classrooms and through hallways, and the air smells nothing like a construction zone, save for a little dust.