North Saanich Council surfs into future

North Saanich council meetings go online beginning next month

Webcasting is set to start on May 3 in North Saanich.

The district finished implementation of hardware, software and new processes that will allow the public to view webcasts of council meetings online.

Council will not broadcast meetings live, rather, video and audio will be captured from council and committee meetings and made available to the public by noon the following day.

The webcasting file will be indexed to allow viewers to jump to the agenada item of their choice.

“This new webcasting capability along with the recent upgrades to the audio system within council chambers are part of an ongoing effort to improve the district’s communication with the public,” said mayor Alice Finall. “The provision of council meetings online will enable more residents to understand and become involved in the process of local government.”

Council opted for a one-year trial of posting its meetings on the internet, with an outset cost of $10,000. Ongoing costs, should the district continue with the webcasts past the one-year trial, are estimated at $10,000 a year.

Finall said that being able to see a meeting before hand may also make residents more comfortable coming before council, as they learn the process and see it in action.

Council meeting webcasts will be available from the district website at