Marina alterations need feedback from the public: council

Port Sidney Marina plans to change its big outdoor tent into a metal storage shed

A proposal to change things up at Port Sidney Marina is back up for discussion.

The marina doesn’t want to use its white tented space for gatherings anymore – rather it hopes to replace that float with a prefab metal storage structure and move it from the southeast section of the marina to the west side of the wharf.

The past two times the marina came to Sidney council with proposed changes, negative public reaction caused council to deny the applications.

“Technically what they want, according to staff, is allowed,” said Coun. Steve Price. But because of past public reaction, the town plans to host public hearings to gain feedback on the latest proposal. “Council has insisted that the whole area be informed.”

The proposal would reduce the height at the float from the current six metre tall tent to a three metre tall storage building.