Man goes missing in Tod Inlet

Peninsula man, Timothy Hollands, last seen on Christmas day; police believe he might have gone overboard

RCMP divers continue to search for Timothy Hollands today (Dec. 28) in the frigid waters of Tod Inlet.

The 52-year-old boat-dweller was last seen on Christmas Day rowing out to his boat, moored near the mouth of the inlet, with his dog.

“Based on all of the circumstances, it’s believed that he fell overboard,” said Sgt. Wayne Conley of Sidney North Saanich RCMP.

A friend discovered Hollands’ rowboat and dog at his vessel on Boxing Day morning and called Central Saanich police to report his friend missing.

RCMP, who police the marine segment, took their boat to where his vessel was moored.

“The Coast Guard did a marine search and Peninsula Emergency Measures Organization did some shoreline searching,” Conley said of the Dec. 26 activities. Central Saanich police, who got the original call, had called out the Saanich police dive team who did some underwater searching.

All were unsuccessful.

The RCMP dive team began its search the next day.

“They’ve expanded the search area and they haven’t had any success,” Conley said. “We are interested in speaking with anyone who may have seen or spoken with him around the time of his disappearance.”

Contact Sidney North Saanich RCMP at 250-656-3931.