Firefighters rescue Glory the horse from mud

20 people rescue horse from being trapped in muddy creek in North Saanich Tuesday


It took 14 firefighters and six residents nearly two hours free a horse from its muddy prison on Tuesday.

“It was out in a field and it took off across this bridge. … It just slipped off the bridge and landed in the muddy creek,” said Gary Wilton, fire chief for North Saanich Volunteer Fire Department. “It had a hard time getting out of the creek.”

Wilton happened to be in the area, the 1500 block of Munro Road, and saw the horse get into trouble around 5 p.m. He called in his comrades.

The contingent of 20, including a veterinarian, used ropes the pull 26-year-old Glory, which stands at 17 hands, or 1.72 metres tall, out of the muck.

“He jumped up and he seemed OK,” Wilton said. “He was covered in mud, and cold and probably scared, but I think he’s OK.”