The crash scene staged by Central Saanich Police.

The crash scene staged by Central Saanich Police.

Fake crash shows real consequences

Staged crash shows students the risks of dangerous and impaired driving

A cell phone, crumpled beer can and shattered glass set the scene as Grade 12 students make their way out of Stelly’s secondary.

Youth liaison officer Cpl. Pat Bryant of Central Saanich Police hopes the totaled Honda Civic crammed into the corner of the entryway makes a statement.

“The message we’re trying to send out is first of all wear your seat belt,” Bryant said. Then there’s the implications of drug or alcohol impaired driving, and driver distraction, from handheld devices to too many people riding in the car.

The car crash scenario played out as it would in real life. Fire, ambulance and police pulled up and went to work. As BC Ambulance personnel start work on ‘passenger’ Nelson On, who was thrown from the vehicle. Central Saanich firefighters secured the vehicle, and removed the roof to access back-seat passengers (actors) Laurie Hillier, Jamie Ralph and Kevin Williamson. ‘Driver’ Mike Stephaniuk failed a roadside screening and was escorted to the distinctive black and white Central Saanich police cruiser in plastic handcuffs.