ELECTION 2014: Candidate QandA with Cam McClennan

Candidate QandA with councillor candidate Cam McClennan in Sidney

  • Nov. 13, 2014 7:00 p.m.
Cam McClennan

Cam McClennan

Occupation: Landscape manager.


I was born and raised in the Sidney/ North Saanich area and have lived here all my life. I am married to Sarah (10 years) and we have three boys. In 2002 I began operating a landscaping franchise in Sidney and quickly grew it into the largest one in B.C. I sold the company in 2010 and it is still operating in the Sidney area today. I currently manage a large landscaping company that also services the Sidney area.


1.  Why are you running for council?

I truly believe it’s time to have a youthful perspective on Sidney Town council.

For years I have watched my friends and other young families move away to more affordable areas. The allure of Sidney to the retired and wealthy folks, allows for higher prices, but we need to have a balance.

Most people go about their daily business and think Sidney is doing fine, but what will it look like in 20 years?

We end up pricing ourselves out of a work force. We need to take action to attract and retain young families and create housing they can afford. I want to make positive change so that my kids can enjoy what I have enjoyed in Sidney.


2.  What are your top three issues to tackle, if elected?

Affordable housing, youth and young family recreation, community involvement and steady, sustainable economic development.

Let’s turn those “for lease” signs into “coming soon” signs in our downtown core.


3.  Is council’s relationship with the business community adequate and what would you change if elected?

I think the current council has made an effort to help local business but we can always do better.

The downtown has asked for help and if elected, I will be there to listen and take appropriate action to support Sidney businesses.


4. What sort of balance should Sidney seek to achieve on its waterfront land?

My personal view would be to have some community based business, an indoor play zone for families and a Granville Island type of feel, i.e; sitting areas, shops, open air market, maybe some residential on top?

With that said, I want the residents of Sidney to participate in the planning and development of these lands.


5.  How would you contribute to people’s enjoyment in living, working and playing in Sidney?

Sidney has many great events throughout the year. I would continue to encourage and support the many events that bring enjoyment to the people of Sidney.

I would work with staff on infrastructure projects that make sense to Sidney to better traffic conditions for cars, bikes and pedestrians.

Let’s not forget about being fiscally responsible, making decisions that provide little to no increase to the taxes.