ELECTION 2014: Candidate QandA with Alicia Cormier

Candidate QandA with councillor candidate Alicia Cormier

  • Nov. 5, 2014 8:00 a.m.
Alicia Cormier

Alicia Cormier

Alicia Cormier

Occupation: Manager, Human Resources – Luther Court Society.

Background: I have served on council for 18 months. I offer 30 years of experience in management, sales and small business ownership. I grew up on the Peninsula, raised my family here and have been an active volunteer for a number of community groups.

1.  Why are you running for Council?

I would like to continue working on issues that are important to our community including: creating a local economic development strategy, ensuring regional food security, offering affordable housing and promoting a transparent and accountable local government.

2.  What are your top three issues to tackle, if elected?

Engaging residents in the review of the Regional Sustainability, protecting and repairing our natural environment and carefully managing fiscal resources to provide essential services while living within the realities of our current tax base.

3.  What kind of leadership will you bring to council?

I will continue to be hard working, proactive and responsive to concerns of residents and taxpayers in Central Saanich.

4.  What are your thoughts on industrial, residential and agricultural balance in Central Saanich?

People tell me they live here because of the rural character, natural beauty and convenient access to a variety of goods and services.  People want council to ensure we retain and build upon these qualities and to follow our Official Community Plan. I will continue to respect and further all of these objectives.

5.  Do you think council should proceed with the proposed Maber Flats project?

The project offers many benefits including storm water management, restoration of a natural wetland and improving water quality within our watershed. Council’s decision on this project would benefit from more public engagement, a comprehensive examination of the agricultural benefits, a more detailed project plan and a review of the value for taxpayers and how it fits within our long term financial plan.