Chickens, rabbits allowed in Sidney?

Council discusses changing bylaw that bans chickens, rabbits

Chickens and rabbits could take up residence – officially – in Sidney.

Council is considering allowing a small number of egg-producing chickens on certain types of properties and allowing rabbits as pets. Currently neither are allowed in the town, although bylaw officers haven’t generally enforced the rabbit rule.

Staff were asked to prepare draft bylaws to possibly allow residents to keep chickens and rabbits for personal use, and work with Capital Regional District bylaw enforcement to draft an amendment to their contract with the town.

The talk comes after residents wrote to council suggesting changes to the current bylaws that prohibit the animals.

“The City of Victoria does not have a bylaw surrounding hen-raising,” the Lobb family wrote to council. “It does, however, offer guidelines to residents for the reasonable and responsible ownership of chickens and has the means to enforce animal control.”

Coun. Kenny Podmore said he was “eggcited” for the possible changes.