Central Saanich gets park land from development

Developer donates portion of property to District as park land.

  • Feb. 10, 2015 5:00 p.m.

Central Saanich council has approved a six-lot subdivision at 6244 Rodolph Road that will see the District acquire just over five per cent of the 1.47-acre property as park land.

Dan Doore of Aplomado Developments offered to donate the southeast corner of the lot, which has a creek running through it, as part of a Streamside Enhancement and Protection Area (SPEA), as well as providing 60 native trees for replanting throughout the development and elsewhere in the community on public land. Doore also agreed to undertake the removal of invasive species in the SPEA, such as ivy and spurge laurel (Daphne), before turning over the land to the District.

Development of the six lots will require the removal of ten protected trees, two of which are badly damaged. District staff recommended that tree removal take place between August 1 and March 31, during the lowest risk to breeding and nesting birds in the area, and if removal takes place outside of that window, that a bird nest survey be undertaken immediately prior to tree clearing.

Ongoing maintenance for parks averages just under $1,000 per acre per year, and so costs for upkeep on the newly acquired park area, at just under one tenth of an acre, would be minimal. Doore also agreed to provide a statutory right-of-way to allow access for upkeep and public use.

Council’s decision, made during its recent Parks Committee meeting, was to be ratified at their Feb. 2 meeting.