Area residents chase speeders

Central Saanich men target two areas of traffic concerns within the municipality

Brian Watt and Len Fallon are afraid of what might happen if speeds aren’t lowered on their street.

The two wrote letters to Central Saanich council this summer, concerned with two different parts of the community.

Watt, a Marchant Road resident, is concerned as school approaches and the kids will again start commuting to Bayside middle school on foot. He hopes to see a 30 km/h speed limit in the 1200 block.

“During the school year this stretch of Marchant is used extensively by many children commuting to Bayside and Brentwood schools,” he wrote. “Excessive speeding is a regular occurrence on this road. With no sidewalks this is a dangerous situation for the pedestrian.”

Councillor Susan Mason, who lives in that area, added her voice to the concern, but noted “consistency is really important and where we’d be aiming for is that 40k.

“What really needs to be done here is we need enforcement … and maybe some traffic calming measures,” she said.

Council opted to have municipal staff review the situation and provide appropriate action as deemed warranted and report back to council if needed. Fallon’s concerns over speed on Seabrook Road will get similar treatment, though for different reasons.

“The road looks great again after so many years of abuse from heavy truck traffic during the development of the ALR lands in this area,” he wrote, of the section of Seabrook from Stelly’s X Road to Skyline Crescent. “Now that the existing properties have mostly finished their development, and no further major developments are due, we were perplexed with the continued use of this road for heavy duty trucking.”

He added that at the stop sign at Stelly’s X Road and Seabrook it’s difficult to see oncoming traffic because of a dip in the road and though it’s a 40 km/h zone, many drivers travel faster.

“That creates a dangerous prospect for those trucks,” Fallon said, asking council to consider looking at an alternate route.

Both items were also referred to the Central Saanich Police Service.