Theraice Rx Headache Relief Hat Review – Is It Worth Buying or Not?

TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat is a therapeutic device that works to provide instant relief from naturally-triggered headaches. This is a ground-shaking technology that is aimed at benefiting a larger section of people across ages and boundaries. This wonder device has the support of eminent medical experts, and its utility is scientifically proven after valid medical trials. This is why it is being prescribed by medical practitioners everywhere and earning people’s trust increasingly. One important feature that gives it an edge over other synthetic relievers is that it is composed of a natural substance that strongly prevents side effects.

TheraICE using method

TheraICE Rx is a pioneer in providing a hundred percent safe and side-effect-free headache solution. This product can be used in two ways. The first one is called cold therapy, and the second one is called heat therapy. Cold therapy requires you to place the device in a freezer bag and then keep it in a freezer for a minimum of two hours. Then, it is taken out from the freezer and put on the head. In heat therapy, the device is put inside a microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, and then it is put on the head. The user of the device is required to put it around the head in a way that it may cover the entire head. The mask-like head cover should be left on the head for about 15 minutes.

TheraICE Rx product specification

TheraICE Rx is fast earning a good name as a potent headache and migraine reliever. It is very handy and compact to carry anywhere you like. The dimension of the product is 20.32×1.27×16.51cm, and its weight is 1.3 lb. Marketed under its brand name TheraICE Rx, it can fit people of all age groups because it is stretchable. All you need to do is to stretch it gently and mount it on your head.

How does TheralCE Rx Work?

Once you put on the device covering your entire head and face, it starts working by applying gentle and soft pressure to all the relief points. Whether it is a mild or severe headache or a migraine, the user starts getting relief from the pain immediately. It is a side-effect-free therapy because it does not use any medicine. The ultra soft and pillowy fabric out of which the device is made gives you a calm, comfortable and soothing feeling. It has already been mentioned that it provides two-way therapy – cold and hot. Whether it is a hot compression or a cold compression, it starts to compress the blood vessels of your head to reduce inflammation.

TheraICE cures all headaches

The review team, in its survey about the versatility of the product, has found that TheraICE Rx can be very effective for all kinds of headaches. Some of the most common headache types which are benefited from this device are:

  • Migraines.
  • Tension headache.
  • Cluster headache.
  • Sinus headache.
  • Allergy-induced headache.

According to the R & D department of the manufacturer, the TheraICE Rx device contains a specific gel inside the product’s compression sleeve. The gel is stored inside the sleeve of each unit. When it is put inside a freezer, the gel also freezes, and when it is heated in a microwave, the gel gets heated up. That compression sleeve successfully retains the temperature of the gel, whether frozen or heated. This specific technology ultimately helps to provide relief from all kinds of headaches.

Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Some frequently asked questions related to TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat include:

Is it compatible with all headaches?

Yes, this wonder device works to relieve headaches of all kinds ranging from migraine-induced headaches and cluster headaches to sinus-induced headaches and tension-induced headaches. Apart from these, it also helps in relieving neck pain, eye pain, and shoulder pain.

Does TheraICE Rx Headache fit all sizes?

Yes, the device comes only in one size, but it fits all individuals. It is only because the material used in its making is stretchable. All you need to do is to stretch it gently to fit your size. As you stretch it, it will wrap your head and cover your face also as a mask.

Does TheraICE last long?

Yes, the product is planned to have great longevity. You can use it thousands of times without any issues. It will serve you for many years.

Can TheraICE be washed at home?

Washing the device does not hinder its utility. So you can wash it easily at home. It is always a good option to wash the product frequently to keep it germs-free.

Who manufactured the TheraICE device?

The wonder device was pioneered by TheraICE. This company is known to have a range of other comprehension-sleeve-based products, such as wrist sleeves, joint-pain sleeves, and wisdom teeth ice-pack head wraps.

Does TheraICE have a refund policy?

Like any standard company, TheraICE also offers a comprehensive refund option. This option ensures the refund of your money if you raise your issue with the company’s customer service and request a refund within 30 days of your purchase. You can request a refund at info@theraicerx.com. You have the option of mailing your refund request as well.



TheraICE Rx is an earth-shaking invention in many ways. For a headache of any kind, most people depend on painkillers. But the side effects caused by a painkiller are no more a secret. Everybody is aware of it. There are other alternate options that people use to get relief from a headache. But most of these tricks hardly work. The introduction of TheraICE Rx is a pioneering act in the sense that it cures all sorts of headaches without posing any underlying health threat.

It provides both hot and cold compression with the help of a specific gel that is inside that compression sleeve. It can immediately soothe the inflammation caused by the pain that results in the removal of pain. The therapeutic headgear not only covers your head but also provides a sort of mask for your eyes blocking the sunlight. Blocking of sunlight hastens the curing process.