ThePhotoStick OMNI Reviews – Back up Photos & Memories? (Works on Computers & Phones?)

Most users are in search of a safeguard for the proper protection of sensitive data. There are possibilities that you may do something accidentally and lose all data. This is when you can make use of the PhotoStick Omni, which will help in addressing all the major problems and help you feel safe technologically. Here we are talking about the tiny and yet the most powerful device that has the power to back up all the essential photos and the videos and the rest of the data and files. PhotoStick is available in all possible sizes, and you can access the same from 32GB to 256GB.

Specifications and Usage

One can make convenient use of PhotoStick Omni, and the same applies to all phones and laptops. It offers the kind of security that you hardly get these days, and the same makes use of superior encryption technology for secured and protected data restoration. There is no need to have an extensive setting for the same, and you get the stick in hand at the most affordable cost. Here you have the most innovative device, and it provides the right backing to all essential data. It helps in transferring the videos and photos to other important and safe files and addresses.

It is easy to operate the PhotoStick Omni, and one can use the technology with a single click. You just have to press the option GO, and it will automatically start looking for the vital data in your system. It is time now that you back them up properly and store them securely within the stick. The stick offers the most feasible option that can help in supporting all the vital data in usage. The stick remains safe, and it is not susceptible to damage and corruption in one way or the other. The stick is highly reliable in terms of usage, and it makes you store data as long as required.

The PhotoStick Omni has the most amiable interface, and now you can save things with all ease. The stick functions fantastically by locating and backing up data, and there is no need for you to save files with manual intervention.

Working on PhotoStick Omni

It is not like the other backup devices, and it is free of all the complications and rest of the things that you need to consider while safeguarding the kind of data that you have. The stick has the technological competence to take care of all things, and for this, you need to follow the simple and direct steps, and this will help you save the files with complete ease. First, you must connect the device to the main computer. For this, you need to open the software of PhotoStick Omni, and once you have the app in hand, you should press the option GO. There is no necessity for personal intervention as everything would be done by PhotoStick Omni, and you just have to sit back and relax.

To make use of PhotoStick Omni, there are three basic steps to follow. First, you have to plug in the device to the main system. Then you can open the PhotoStick Omni program. Then you can press START and activate the stick.

Using PhotoStick Omni with the Phone

Here you have the PhotoStick Omni, and this comes with the on-the-go adapter. This is something to help you get connected to the selected device, and now you can connect from the android phone to the iPad with all ease. This is how you can connect the stick easily without a problem. To get things connected, you have to follow the three basic steps. This is how you can make use of the device and get things operated with all things accurate and activated.

The first thing you need to do is cause the installation of the PhotoStick Omni application, and you can make this happen from the Google PlayStore or the Apple Store in specific. It is time that you plug the PhotoStick Omni directly into the device using the adapter. Then it is time for you to have safe data transferring to the stick-in specifically. Following the necessary steps, you can protect data accordingly.

Prominent Features of PhotoStick Omni

The PhotoStick Omni works most innovatively, and it can protect all data, and it will make sure that the memory stays in place. It offers accurate and correct online protection and security when necessary. The stick will allow rapid backing up of all the essential files and data, and this will help in saving the greater period that should be spent till the whole data is transferred. It is true that PhotoStick Omni suits you the best and helps in saving both space and money in the most lucrative way.

The PhotoStick Omni is of the right size and can suitably fit all the requirements you have. The stick will also offer the ease of accessing things that not too many providers will be able to deliver. The interface that will accompany the device is wonderful. It is easy to make using the stick, and it helps in the proper backing up of all vital data required as part of the minute game. There is no differentiation made with the obvious usage of the PhotoStick Omni. It can easily function with the kind of operating system that you have in your possession.


It is vital knowing that PhotoStick Omni can work on its own. There is no need for you to manually copy and paste data on the stick. The device will work on its own and detect the available files and back up things in a manner to save the hassle and complete the job with perfection. The PhotoStick Omni will do all things for you and sort out the files in a specific order. To use the device, you have to make a one-time payment, and then you can enjoy the benefits as long as you require.

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