Nomad Security Camera Reviews: Does It Work as Advertised or Scam?

Security cameras can deter potential intruders and assist in solving criminal incidents should they occur within your home, the vicinity of your home, or your business. Besides, they also give you a degree of mental serenity, knowing that there’s an ‘all-seeing-eye’ watching over your property whenever you are not around. In a world that is increasingly becoming less secure, having a high-quality camera on your premises is not in any way or form debatable.

Lastly, insurance companies are more likely to compensate for claims when the evidence of the home theft is captured through security camera footage instead of police reports.

Speaking of which, one of the notable options in this sector is the Nomad Security Camera. But how exactly does it stack up against the rest of the competition in the market? Let’s see, shall we?

Nomad Security Camera – What is It?

As the name suggests, it is an innovative and highly sophisticated security camera designed to record footage over a 360-degree range. Thanks to its WiFi connectivity capability, homeowners can now receive, send and review live footage conveniently via their smartphones which takes real-time monitoring to another level. The camera also boasts an impeccable and ingenious design, which takes the place of a regular light bulb and can be mistaken for one by an intruder. This, as you would imagine, makes it one of the most discreet monitoring systems currently on the market.

The Features of Nomad Security Camera

The Nomad Security Camera boasts a collection of inventive features that property owners, especially small-time homeowners, are likely to find extremely useful. And this includes;

Extremely Easy to Install

Unlike most in the market, the installation process of this security camera device is pretty straightforward and simple to install. No prior technical expertise is required to get it up and running; it is almost as simple as changing a bulb. You must place it into the light bulb socket and twist it gently, just as you would with a lightbulb.

Night Vision and Motion Tracking Capabilities

One of the most outstanding features of the Nomad Security Camera is its night vision capabilities. Thanks to this, the camera can capture identifiable and useful footage even in pitch-black darkness. The immense advantage this gives you, especially at night, cannot be overstated. The camera’s night vision capabilities are then backed by motion tracking, which makes it possible to monitor the movement of would-be intruders and begin recording the footage automatically.

Safe and Secure Recording

Although the Nomad Security camera does not come with an SD card, they are relatively low cost. The Nomad is one of the few cameras on the market that can store footage onboard a 64GB SD card that may be viewed later. As such, you don’t have to be concerned about monthly cloud or other forms of online storage options. Moreover, all recordings are encrypted, restricting access to the footage to you or only people with the administrator’s password.

Highly Sophisticated Alarm System

The indoor or outdoor security camera is fitted with a sophisticated alarm system that can be pre-programmed to go off as soon as a stranger or intruder is spotted. This alarm is loud enough to deter a potential intruder but not so much that it would regularly disturb your neighbors. You can set, turn on or turn off this alarm via the Nomad app.


Other Miscellaneous Features

As a property owner, you are also likely to find these additional features helpful

  • It does not require batteries as it is typically plugged into the bulb outlet
  • Employs an integrated voice or intercom service that allows users to listen and speak to each other via the camera system
  • The Nomad Security Camera is compatible with any android or apple device
  • It can pan 360 degrees, i.e., up, down, right, and left, making it the perfect nanny camera.
  • Employs four LED lights and an additional four infrared lights
  • Has the capability of recording footage in up to 1080p resolution
  • It can be installed outdoors as well as indoors as long it is in a covered area, just as you would with a regular light bulb
  • Purchase of the Nomad Security Camera comes with a set of installation tools and an instruction manual.
  • The Nomad Security Camera’s application is provided for free with every purchase of the camera
  • Footage can be shared between family members, employees, or business partners using either your phone or laptop computer


How the Monitoring System Works

One thing that sets this Security Camera apart from other devices on the market is that you don’t have to reset the unit every time there’s a power failure. In fact, the Nomad security camera is designed to save the last position reviewed before resuming the same calibration when power is restored.

Purchase and Shipment

The manufacturer behind the Nomad Security Camera is based in Denver, Colorado. As such, you may have to wait for anywhere between 5 to 7 business days before your Nomad camera unit arrives for those in the United States. Otherwise, international shipments may take up to 21 days to be fulfilled.

Most importantly, every purchase is covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The manufacturer is obliged to refund your money if, for any reason, you find the unit unfit for your surveillance needs, especially if it does not work as advertised. Customer service can be reached 8:00 am – 5:00 pm MST or by sending an email to:

  • Phone Support US: +1 (855) 761-9424
  • Email Support: support@nomadsecuritycamera.com
  • Returns Address: Returns Dept 11551 E 45th Ave Unit C Denver, CO 80239

Nomad Security Camera Costs and Shipping

The units start at just $46.00 each, but you can enjoy prices as low as $29 per unit if you order more than ten security cameras. The same applies to shipping – it is entirely free of charge if you order three or more cameras. The Nomad Security Cameras prices are as follows:

  • One Nomad Security Camera is selling at $46 + $7.95 S & H
  • Two Nomad Security Cameras retail at $46 per camera + $7.95 S & H
  • Three Nomad Security Cameras cost $39 each + free S & H
  • Four Nomad Security Cameras retail at $39 each + free S & H
  • Five Nomad Security Cameras are worth $39 each + free S & H
  • Ten Nomad Security Cameras are $29 each + free S & H


Ultimately, this smart home and business security camera check many boxes that would appeal to anyone looking for a cost-friendly yet effective surveillance tool. The presence of night vision, motion tracking, safe recording, plus an integrated alarm system makes the Nomad Security Camera one of the most feature-packed security cameras at this price point.