Jet Vac Portable Vacuum Reviews – Is JetVac Cordless Hand Vacuum Worth It?

Cleaning is no easy task, but a new cleaning tool called the Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum can help you to save some time and effort while using it. With this nifty handheld vacuum cleaner, you can reach difficult spots easily and finish the task effortlessly. Are you curious to know more? Read our review.

What Is Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum?

The Jet Portable Hand Vacuum is a new brand of vacuum cleaner that comes in the perfect size to use at home. This product is packed with powerful features, going from its compact size to an aerodynamic air duct design, giving it a mighty sucking power that will reach even the most distant spots in your house.

With long-lasting, powerful suction, this high-performing portable hand vacuum has everything you need. It is easy to carry, starts by pressing a single button, and comes with three nozzle tips attached to it for various cleaning projects. Its battery lasts up to 25 minutes and can be recharged in less time than that.

Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum: Pros & Cons

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about the main benefits of this popular handheld vacuum cleaner:


  • It’s easy to handle and a compact size
  • It has a strong suction power
  • Includes a 304 stainless steel double washable HEPA filter
  • It comes with multi-function nozzle tips
  • It was made with an aerodynamic air duct design
  • Does not make a lot of noise while cleaning
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Charges very quickly using a USB cable
  • It can easily be used to clean electronics, vehicles, homes, and more


  • It can only be bought in the official web store right now.
  • It may not be able to clean as well as other, much more expensive models.

How It Works

Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum stands out among the competition by providing superior suction power. According to the manufacturer, it can suction up to 6000 PA (which means Pascal Pressure Unit) due to its powerful turbine. That is a fairly decent number, as most vacuum cleaners don’t have over 2000 PA.

This product can be used in many different objects and environments. You can either use it to take the dust off your car, appliances, or tech gadgets or in small and large rooms, including kitchens, offices, bedrooms, etc.

When using this, even the smallest particles will be sucked, so your house can finally be 100% clean without any issues. Did you want a vacuum cleaner that really sucks? You got it.

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Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum Main Features

These are some of the advertised features of the new Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum.

Combination of power and control: This product is very easy to maneuver around due to its compact size. However, it has more power than most vacuum cleaners on the market, which makes for a perfect combination to clean your home perfectly.

Cordless and portable: It’s 100% travel-friendly, as you can easily carry it around in a bag. Also, the device is cordless, which will help you when you need to use it inside your house or vehicle and reach the most hard-to-reach spots.

Excellent ergonomic design: A lot of thought was put into designing this gadget to be as efficient as possible. So, you can use it to reach any spot or clean any object without effort.

Long-lasting battery: This device’s battery can last almost half an hour, giving you the necessary autonomy to use it for a while before you need to recharge.


Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum Official Pricing

If you are tired of spending time with ineffective dusters, we believe that Jet Vac Portable Hand could be ideal for you, and you can get the Jet Pak on ShopJetVac.com today with a 60% discount. The more units you purchase from this product, the cheaper each unit will be, so take that into consideration when buying this:

  • Single Pack: $59.99.
  • Studio Pack: $ 54.99 each.
  • Multi-Pack: $49.99 each.
  • Expansive Pack: $44.99 each.
  • Deluxe Pack: $39.99 each.

It’s also possible to get an extended warranty that will last for three years for only $13.99.

This product has a guarantee of 60 days (two months). If you are still within this timeframe, you can ask for a refund at any time by first contacting the company to obtain an RMA number by phone from 7 AM – 5 PM PST or by sending an email to:

  • Email: cs@imoderntrends.com
  • Phone: +1-833-656-1790
  • Product Return Address: Attn: Jet Vac Return 5525 S. Soto St., Vernon, CA 90058, USA


Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum FAQ

Q: How much does the Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum weigh?

A: This is a very lightweight product. It weighs 0.5kg, making it easy to carry around even when traveling.

Q: Does the new Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum work in tight spots?

A: Yes, it does. This gadget was specifically assembled to give people who want to clean small spaces a fair reasonable experience. Also, it has a high suction power, which helps in this regard.

Q: How to charge the Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum?

A: The device can be charged with a USB charger. You don’t need a specific one to charge it at your home. According to the manufacturer, reaching a full charge may take around 25 minutes.

The Verdict

Your suffering when cleaning can stop if you get Jet Vac Portable Hand Vacuum. This new gadget was specifically created for people who never feel as if their homes are clean enough, so it will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Also, it has a pretty good price and many special features.

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