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Now’s time for tree planting

Helen Lang gives her thoughts on fall planting routines

Anticipating winter leads to bulb binge

I have a limited space for pots, which should have deterred me, but unfortunately it didn’t slow me down that much.

Artists prepare for Artisans

Next up on the arts landscape is Christmas preparations
Earthquake means 'drop, cover, hold on'

Earthquake means 'drop, cover, hold on'

The best way to protect yourself from falling objects in an earthquake is ducking under a desk or sturdy table until one minute after the shaking stops.

Visions of chionodoxa dance

What to do on a day you should just go back to bed
It’s all about the lifestyle

It’s all about the lifestyle

With the 15-year anniversary for Sidney’s Lifestyle Select around the corner, the store manager takes a breath and reflects on her time on the Peninsula.

What happened to a dozen?

I’m headed for Vancouver tomorrow, to spend a night with one daughter and then go with her to the airport to meet the youngest in the family who is returning from a month in Australia.

Trim rhodos thoughtfully

Rhodos really need an expert to prune them, but if you do your own, please don’t cut off any fat little buds, they are next year’s flowers.

Get ready for the rain

It’s about time to bring in your house plants.

Let your garden turn blue

Gray skies today. A shock after all that wonderful, hot, late-summer weather