Spend some time in North Saanich

50th anniversary events include a time capsule project for the community.

Fifty years from now, a new generation of North Saanich residents will be able to unearth a little piece of history.

The District of North Saanich, with a lot of help from Ramsay Machine Works Ltd., is going to bury a time capsule this summer. It’s part of the municipality’s Jubilee celebrations this year, marking 50 years since the District was incorporated.

The Jubilee events kicked off last month with  storytelling from longtime local residents. The storytelling continues, says Mayor Alice Finall, on May 6 at Ardmore Golf Course.

She says Ramsay offered to build the time capsule and the community’s Jubilee committee jumped at the opportunity.

“We’re really pleased there has been such involvement from businesses and the community,” Finall says.

Residents are being invited to contribute items from 2015 to the time capsule whe it’s buried this summer. There’s a list of items that cannot go, as they decompose or release acids over time. See the District’s website, northsanich.ca, and find the Jubilee link for contact information.

The capsule will be left for 50 years and unearthed in 2065.