LETTER: Esquimalt Lagoon bird sculptures a precious gift

LETTER: Esquimalt Lagoon bird sculptures a precious gift

I was really sad to see that someone would complain about the incredible work of Brother Paul at the Esquimalt Lagoon, as the signs beside each sculpture calls him.

The first time I saw these works of art I was thrilled and have gone back countless times to enjoy them. I often take clients that I am caring for down to look at them and I can tell you that each one of them has been as impressed as I am by the artistic beauty of these gems. And the fact that they are created from natural resources and shared at no cost to the taxpayers is a huge bonus.

All I can say to the person that is grumbling about these precious gifts is lighten up and find something else to complain about. These sculptures bring joy to so many. And compared to some of the hideous so-called works of art that Greater Victoria has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on I find these much more uplifting and educational to look at.

I often tell visitors to Victoria to see them as well as the RBC Museum and Butchart Gardens. And for visitors with kids it is a wonderful way to get out to the beach and have some fun without having to pay through the nose.

I for one am so grateful to the artist for creating these and maintaining them.

Barbara MacDonald


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