Working from real life with Victoria artist Bryony Wynne Jones

Bryony Wynne Jones will be teaching two workshops at McTavish Academy of Art come March.

Artist Bryony Wynne Jones will teach two workshop at McTavish Academy of Art March 4 and 5.

Artist Bryony Wynne Jones will teach two workshop at McTavish Academy of Art March 4 and 5.

Coming up in a few weeks, Bryony Wynne Jones will be giving two workshops titled Pen and Ink Flora and Feathers at McTavish Academy of Art.

Jones, a Victoria resident, teaches several workshops, and will be bringing out some taxidermy birds and flowers to the workshop, working from real life.

“I’d rather not bring photographs, although I bring some but I bring a few real birds and I bring real flowers so that they can work from life. It’s the only way,” she told the PNR.

The workshops, she said, will use all pen and ink, along with washes of the ink. This art form is something Jones has done since she was little.

“I’ve always drawn as a child, we just always drew,” she said.

She attended the Victoria College of Art for life drawing and oil painting, but was about to have a child, and thought she better put away the oil paints, so she got out the water colours. She began painting small things that were in the garden so it would be safer for when she had a child.

She still does pen and ink, but draws a lot with pencil and does a lot of painting.

Her upcoming workshop will strictly use pen and ink.

“We start with a contour drawing and then we can flush it out with hatching and cross hatching and pointillism, or we can use a paint brush, a water colour brush just to swoosh some of that ink in to make shadows and shapes and things,” she said.

She said people will have the option to use different coloured inks, but she said some people like to be purists, so will only work with one colour.

Jones is currently working on something she’s really excited about, which she will be bringing to the Hardy Plant Show in Sidney in June. She said it’s a whole series of new cards on Garry Oak Meadow flowers and birds.

She will attend the McTavish Academy of Art March 4 and 5 for her workshops.

For more information contact the Academy at 778-351-0088.