The Three Worlds CD Release

The Three Worlds CD Release

Three worlds release CD

Three Worlds is comprised of acclaimed instrumental virtuosos Brad Prevedoros, Niel Golden, and Greg Joy

Vancouver Island roots music supergroup Three Worlds — comprised of acclaimed instrumental virtuosos Brad Prevedoros, Niel Golden, and Greg Joy — are releasing their debut collectively-created album.  Both the new record and the release events will feature the trio’s unique blend of world music styles that is turning even the most cynical heads in the Canadian music industry.

“There is a mesmeric quality to what we do,” said Joy.

“I think people like the fact that we’re not trying to hit them over the head with a message,” Prevedoros added.

Prevedoros is renowned for his instrumental virtuosity, exuberant live performances, original compositions, and innovative re-imaginings of works by other composers. His repertoire of multi-genre music engages his audience through a mix of Jazz, Latin, Pop, Classical, Celtic, and Folk. Since 1988, Prevedoros has released 10 internationally distributed recordings and sold nearly half a million CDs. His album In Motion was nominated for a 2003 Western Canadian Music Award for Instrumental Album of the Year. In 2006, through public vote, Prevedoros won Monday Magazine’s Performer award. His recordings have been included in more than 20 music compilations.

Golden is a percussionist specializing in tabla hand drums. His’s masterful interpretation of Indian Classical music, African, Blues, and other world music styles — over a three-decade career — has propelled him into the realm of internationally-respected percussionists. A highlight of his performances is his manipulation of the new and elusive Hang (pronounced Hung), a flying saucer-esque instrument from Switzerland. In addition to collaborating with internationally acclaimed artists Harry Manx and Xavier Rudd, Golden’s musical contributions have earned him nominations for three Juno Awards and two Western Canadian Music Awards.


Joy brings a fusion of Celtic, Baroque, folk-rock, and contemporary jazz elements to the mix, through his mastery of guitar, flute, mandolin, and hammered dulcimer. Joy has recorded 18 albums, which have sold more than a quarter of a million copies world-wide. His music has also been used on many compilation albums in Europe and South-east Asia.