Hindu celebration captured in film

Local filmmakers’ project debuting on Vision TV


A new film produced by Peter Campbell and Hilary Pryor of Victoria’s May Street Productions mixes mythology and dance with brilliant scenes of the night sky.

The Great Night of Shiva (Maha Shivratri) tells the story of god Shiva the Destroyer and his role in traditional Hindu culture and rituals.

Colourful scenes show how members of a Vancouver temple gather over a 24-hour period to explore the myth, ‘How Lord Shiva became known as the one with the blue throat,’ through a series of celebratory rituals, worship and dance.

The film made its debut next Feb. 23 on VisionTV.

“Directing The Great Night of Shiva was an opportunity to explore the world’s oldest and most complex organized religion,” says Campbell, who directed and shot the film.

The timing of the film’s release is appropriate, since Maha Shivratri falls this year on March 2 and 3.