Brentwood Empourium to showcase local artists

The Gallery at Empourium will feature the works of various artists on the Peninsula beginning Jan. 14.

Jennifer Witvliet stands in the gallery space at Brentwood Bay Village Empourium.

Jennifer Witvliet stands in the gallery space at Brentwood Bay Village Empourium.

This weekend, Saanich Peninsula artist Wendy Oppelt’s work will be on display at the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium.

The exhibit at the Empourium is called The Gallery at Empourium, which will showcase a variety of local artists’ work, rotating between artists every three weeks.

Co-ordinating the artists for the event is Jennifer Witvliet, who is also an artist herself.

“I do the ArtSea Festival co-ordinating so I’ve been exposed to lots of artists and I know there’s not a shortage of talented artists on the island…” she told the PNR.

The Brentwood Bay Village Empourium recently created a new exhibition space for local artists, hoping to bring in many of their work over the next few months to showcase to its many clients.

Owners of Emporium Alice Bacon and John Carswell, have been involved in the arts for many years and used to host large public art events, which is how they know Witvliet.

“They’ve always supported artists, especially with the Empourium. Their motivation is community and supporting the artists and the local community,” said Witvliet.

The gallery will be dedicated to 2D and 3D work.

“It’s open to all ages and all levels so its emerging and established as well,” said Witvliet.

Beginning Jan. 14 with artist Wendy Oppelt, the event will typically run for three weeks with various artists rotating their work in and out.

Artists are also welcome to host an artist reception where they actually show up to the Empourium, but that’s just an option, as it’s a gallery set up as a show and sale format.

Oppelt is a painter, using bold, expressive and vibrant colours, and typically paints still lifes and landscapes.

The Emporium will be accepting submissions over the coming months for those interested in participating.

For those artists who are interested, they should submit three examples of their work and a short biography to