Star Cinema effort reaches $130,000

The ongoing fundraising campaign for Sidney’s Star Cinema has topped the $130,000 mark

The ongoing fundraising campaign for Sidney’s Star Cinema has topped the $130,000 mark.

With an overall goal of $200,000, the effort has seen donations large and small, as well as various larger efforts to raise both money and awareness in the community. The theatre is trying to survive and is seeking the community’s help in acquiring a digital movie projector to be able to continue showing movies.

The effort also looks to upgrade seating and other facilities.

Owner Sandy Oliver says people have been wonderful, making donations at various times over the last few months. On the weekend, one person came in with $500, while a couple donated $5,000.

“Each of these people have stories as to why they are donating,” Oliver said, noting for some it’s a connection to the theatre that they’ve had for years — even something as simple as taking their kids or grandkids to a movie matinee.

Interest in the local theatre is strong, added Oliver, saying there has been early discussion of creating a community theatre foundation with an advisory board.

“The idea would be to get a lot of talented people together and look into a community-owned theatre,” she said.

The idea is still very new, Oliver added, and would need more discussion to see if it’s even possible.

The cinema itself is offering more opportunities for people to see a movie. Oliver has added matinee times and is now looking into screening It’s A Wonderful Life during the holidays.

In the meantime, she’s working on other special events to thank donors, from plaque presentations to her idea for a gala event when some of the new seats are installed. Watch for those come the new year.

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