Seeking four-legged, furry models

Candid shots requested used for dog book due out in new year

Levi the dog pauses on the Sidney waterfront  long enough to have his picture taken.

Levi the dog pauses on the Sidney waterfront long enough to have his picture taken.

Bill Kierans sees the streets of Sidney as characterized by the plethora of dogs.

“There are dogs on the sidewalks, in cars, in businesses, and outside restaurants,” he said.

“Dogs are always good conversation starters so it’s not unusual to see a dog in the centre of a group of chatting pedestrians, and maybe even looking up as if participating. It all adds to the friendly atmosphere, and to tourist memories.”

For the last few months, the Sidney man has been taking candid photos of local dogs in their everyday surroundings and recording anecdotes and background about their life for a promotional book called The Dogs of Sidney by the Sea.

Publication is expected early in 2012, not as a money-making venture, more to showcase Sidney’s friendly atmosphere.

“Most of the pictures were candidly taken in downtown Sidney but some in nearby communities as well,” Kierans said.

“This is not a contest but something much more important; a candid collection of dogs as they appear everyday on the streets of Sidney. No posing, no enhancing (the) background, no breed stance, no treat held in the air, just the dogs as seen every day in Sidney and nearby communities.”

Every dog has a story and their owners, walkers, rescuers, and babysitters are sharing background anecdotes about their four-legged family member.

The stories recount their favoured pastimes, history, frequented downtown businesses, routines, and other engaging characteristics.

Owners are not identified.

Nominate your favourite canine for the book by emailing