Daffy Daze

We asked our readers to help celebrate Daffy Daze — the Peninsula’s first Daffodil Festival sponsored by Vantreight Farms  — this week by submitting their favourite daffodil photos and creating an original poem. Here are our top picks in all their golden glory.

Daffodil Clusters

Daffodil clusters along the way

Daffodils to help decorate on Easter Day

Daffodil golden in dappled light, daffodil rewarding the long winter wait, daffodil precious for you and for me.

By Lennor Stieda

Daffodils Dancing

Daffodils are dancing in the sun

Beautiful flowers for everyone

Pretty yellows and greens

The nicest I’ve seen

I really can’t wait to go pick one

By Marcus Templeman (age 10)

Cheery Daffodils

Cheery little daffodils

As golden as the sun.

You bring to us, the happy news,

That Old Man Winter is on the run!

By Pat Ramsey


Amber Glow

Spring on the Saanich Peninsula is marked by an amber glow.

For on the flats and up the hills, the golden daffodils grow.

This variety of narcissus around the world is known as the symbol of hope and loving and this is where it’s grown.

By Clem Tisserand


Our Golden Duty

We are the favoured ones across this mighty land,

For we are first to see Spring’s sunny omens

Stretching railway straight across the fields

In files of green, with here and there a flash of gold,

Like players peeking through stage curtains testing

The audience’ desire for all they have to give.

And yet, with but a scattering of their golden heads

Dancing in the breeze, the sombre shadows of the pickers

Move through the field, snicking with their greedy blades

Leaving only sad sharp green without the trace of gold,

That was the promise, that now has grown cold.

A lighter side to this sad tale exists, for we who first

Feel Spring’s sweet joy on this bless’d Island Paradise,

Must share this joy and send her heralds far and wide

Throughout the land, so golden blooms may lift the hearts

Of those still clamped by Winter’s icy hand and reassure

That Nature’s cycle still is turning free.

We too shall savour our reward, for those who tend this

Floral feast must look ahead for future blooms and so

To fill with bulbs the storehouse for tomorrows show,

The Daffodil must run its Nature’s course and thus

With glorious golden glow will pave some happy fields

From edge to edge with dancing, dipping flowers

Enough to sate the appetites of all!

By Jack Bowley