Volunteer Coreen Zubersky takes a shift at the new Central Saanich Police community police office in Brentwood Bay.

Volunteer Coreen Zubersky takes a shift at the new Central Saanich Police community police office in Brentwood Bay.

Community policing at the grassroots level

Public open house set for Saturday at Brentwood Bay station

Every Thursday, Coreen Zubersky hands out a pamphlet on ChildFind.

That’s her day to volunteer at the new community policing station in Brentwood Bay.

“I promote the ChildFind ID program a lot. We’re right next to the library and a lot of young kids go through there with their parents,” she said. “It’s really important. Parents have to be aware, and it’s a great program that offers some really key safety tips on keeping kids safe.”

The office, basically mothballed by Central Saanich Police Service for the last decade, is also adjacent to The Centre, for residents 55 and over.

“I speak to a lot of seniors, because they’re right next door. They’re really appreciative to have someone answer questions and offer safety tips to them as well. There’s a lot of literature out there for seniors,” Zubersky said.

“If we can help someone feel safer … or just bring a more pleasant feel to the community, then that’s great. We’ve lived here for 30 years in Brentwood Bay and it’s a wonderful community. I just love to pass that feeling around.”

Three volunteers each take one shift a week. Someone is on hand Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Hopefully we’ll have somebody in there every day, eventually,” Zubersky said.

With the police service headquarters in Saanichton, having a satellite office at the Central Saanich Cultural Centre is a “natural fit” said Cpl. Janis Jean, community services officer.

“It’s a pulse, or hub of Brentwood Bay. It made sense to open those doors to offer information to the community,” she said.

“It’s officially staffed by volunteers on a schedule, but it’s also an office where our police officers on the street can go and meet with witnesses, or community members. They can do some of their work there. So there’s a dual benefit.”

The hope is to expand the volunteer base to five in January. “The idea is twofold. They’re in there for their shift each week, and we hope people stop in and engage with our volunteers,” Jean said. “The other side of that is the community talks back … things that we may not hear, things people may not call in and report, but general feedback.”

The office opened in late August and is holding an open house Saturday (Nov. 26) from 1 to 3 p.m. at 1209 Clarke Rd. Visit www.brentwoodcommunitypolice.com for details.