Bite Me, says Shaw Ocean Discover Centre

New exhibit in Sidney's aquarium examines who eats whom under the sea

The who-eats-whom is on display at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre.

The aquarium’s latest exhibit called Bite Me opened Wednesday, Feb. 8.

“It’s the weird and wacky ways that animals eat that differs – some with their feet, some with a cheese grater-like tongue and some with stinging cells,” said visitor experience director Tina Kelly.

SODC’s endangered northern abalone inspired the Bite Me exhibit.Their grazing of plants that grow on the acrylic walls of their habitat etched trails of bite marks into the acrylic.Rather than repair it, staff decided to show the bite trails to highlight one feeding method used by marine animals.

More information is at SODC is located at 9811 Seaport Pl. in Sidney.