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100 Central Saanich homes now more visible for emergency responders

Firefighters install 100th reflective marker
Central Saanich Fire Department installs its 100th sign as part of the district’s reflective address marker program. (Central Saanich Fire Department/Instagram)

The Central Saanich Fire Department is reflecting on a significant milestone while hoping to illuminate the next.

The department installed its 100th reflective address marker on May 2 and took to social media in hopes of inspiring more residents to sign up for the program as the 150th sign will be free.

In an emergency, every second counts and the aim of this program is to make homes easier to find by giving residents a prominent way of displaying their addresses.

Used in many municipalities across the region, these blue and white reflective markers are all the same colour and shape and are easier to see by approaching emergency responders in low light or adverse weather conditions.

Residents can order a sign for $65 at municipal hall, 1903 Mount Newton Cross Rd., and once it’s ready, firefighters will assist with installation.

The 150th participant will win their sign.

To learn more, go to and search for the reflective address sign program.

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