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Circular Victoria creator partners on sustainable soapy gift box

Flipside Plastics joined forces with a Vancouver soap maker to highlight conscious consuming
Flipside Plastic founder Laska Pare, left, and Love Your Suds founder Belinda Williams have collaborated on a Pacific Northwest-themed gift box that hopes to show sustainability and quality go hand in hand. (Courtesy of Laska Pare)

A Victoria business that makes soap dishes from recycled plastics has teamed up with another company from across the Strait of Georgia to release an environmentally conscious product bundle.

Before the collaboration’s Proudly Pacific Northwest gift box comes out this month, Victoria’s Flipside Plastics and Vancouver’s eco-friendly soap maker Love Your Suds found each other through Instagram.

The former turns discarded plastics into custom soap dishes that are designed to prolong the life of soap bars, while the latter makes handcrafted products from natural ingredients. Love Your Suds’ goal of minimizing waste was another draw for Flipside Plastics as it perfectly aligned with the recycler’s waste-cutting mission.

“We wanted the box to highlight our majestic province and how proud we are to be a small business in B.C.,” Love Your Suds founder Belinda Williams said of the partnership.

The duo developed a Pacific Northwest-inspired soap bar design that would sit on top of Flipside Plastics’ dish. The collaboration soap bar, called Orca Sunset, shows a pink-sky sunset on one half of the bar as a killer whale breaches blue waters on the other.

The pair hope they can show sustainability and quality go hand in hand and said their collaboration symbolizes a commitment to a greener and more consumer-conscious future.

“Being a conscious consumer means investing in products and businesses that are doing their due diligence and taking steps toward offering better,” said Laska Pare, founder of Flipside Plastics.

The partnership is launching the limited-edition gift boxes later this month.

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