Roszan Holmen

Three Greater Victorial businesses compete for city’s organics

Each offers different advantages, including shorter trucking distances, valuable byproducts and cheaper processing prices.

Capital Regional District building permit value drops

Interior renovations, however, flourishing in Victoria

Only serious candidates, please

Every three years, in the lead-up to another civic election, I think to myself: it’s got to be easier than this.

Jazz Man ready to take his leave

Owner of longest- running jazz club in Canada is on the hunt for the right replacement

Property sale contravened B.C. Transit’s policy

Sale of warehouse on Garbally Road never went to public tender, admits B.C. Transit

United Way passes halfway mark

Charitable organization hopes to hit $6.3 million mark

Our Place seeking new leader

A more appropriate job opportunity emerges for executive director

No place to call his own

Former Our Place director launches new society on the streets of Victoria

Blue Bridge takes on rendition of Buddy Holly’s life

Theatre company brings Vancouver production to Victoria

E&N Rail cars leaving Island for good

Rail cars loaded on barge in Nanaimo and sent back to Eastern Canada

Baby Molly’s leukemia in remission

It’s been eight months since the story of baby Molly captured the hearts and minds of Victorians.

Early Carr works shed new light on artist’s life

When artist Manon Elder starting reading Emily Carr’s own writing, it didn’t…