Peter Dolezal

PETER DOLEZAL: Tax-free savings accounts: opportunity missed?

Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) were introduced in 2009. In that first year, about 20 per cent of eligible Canadians opened an account

PETER DOLEZAL: Housing prices — a turning tide for buyers

Housing activity and prices continue to decline by most measures

PETER DOLEZAL: Tide is turning on house prices

Housing activity and prices continue to decline by most measures says expert

PETER DOLEZAL: Retirement income needs revisited

Examining the financial needs of those close to retirement

PETER DOLEZAL: Revisiting the timing of real estate transactions

Real estate columnist writes about whether or not a softening market is a good time to buy or sell a home

PETER DOLEZAL: The impact of Canada’s new mortgage amortization rules

Maximum amortization of 25 years intended to cool Toronto market but will affect Greater Victoria real estate

Risks emerge as bond values decline predicted

As interest rates rise eventually, bond values are expected to drop

Region’s home prices continue to defy gravity

While other markets see a slump, prices are still high in Greater Victoria

PETER DOLEZAL: Tips on investing in U.S. securities

Peninsula based finance expert offers pros and cons of investing in U.S. securities

Columnist lauds Sidney’s move toward suites

Peter Dolezal writes about Town of Sidney's changes to secondary suite bylaws

PETER DOLEZAL: Secondary suites could be key to affordable living

Secondary suites are mortgage helpers to increase affordability and offer housing options for Peninsula workers

PETER DOLEZAL: Dividend-paying equities can pay off

Selecting dividend-paying equities as a key component of one’s portfolio strategy is a major tool that is available to an investor

PETER DOLEZAL: Home ownership carries benefits over renting

Over the long term, ownership has more saving potential than renting

PETER DOLEZAL: Getting an inheritance? Manage it responsibly

Paying off high-interest debt best first use of money

PETER DOLEZAL: Exchange-traded funds gaining in popularity

Although exchange-traded funds have many of the same characteristics as mutual funds, their fees are about one-fifth that of mutual funds

PETER DOLEZAL: Variable mortgage rates have lost their edge

With mortgage rates so low, borrower might want to consider a fixed rate

PETER DOLEZAL: A decade to remember for Greater Victoria real estate

Real estate in Greater Victoria boomed in the past decade, but don't expect the trend to continue

PETER DOLEAL: Waging the risk to your portfolio

People should consider the risks associated with their investments

PETER DOLEZAL: U.S. real estate worth considering

But investors may have to wait it out for significant returns

DOLEZAL: Timing the equity market can be a mug’s game

Trading frequently to try and chase the market not the best strategy