Helen Lang

Comatose bulbs may go back

Rain again today, and sort of foggy. Annie had asked me to…

Tiptoeing around the begonias

That snow and sleet were a bit of a shock weren’t they?…

Dandelions only mean one thing

A couple of nice thing happened last week. I was out for…

Often you don’t know

Last night there were two squares of moonlight on my bedroom carpet.…

The crocus are up, and the tulips are not far behind

Oh joy! Oh happiness! My yellow crocus on the balcony are bound…

Try this soapy trick to get rid of aphids

It is February 1, as I write this, and it is a beautiful day, although still cold, but things are beginning to show definite signs of life.

Robins are a sure sign of spring

I sincerely hope none of you rushed to grab your secateurs, don a coat and tear outside to chop off your clematis. This cutting off only applies to some clematis, those that bear their flowers on new growth produced this spring. Some clematis simply can’t survive such a dramatic pruning. I speak from unhappy experience.

Preparing clematis for spring

The snow that we had last week is now gone, save for a few browning lumps on corners of streets. It is so pretty when it first comes, and so shabby after several days, and so treacherous while it’s on the sidewalks. I understand there is more to come, so keep warm m’dears.