Helen Lang

Respect the raspberries

Garden columnist Helen Lang gets a taste of summer.

Look for colour and size in bulbs

In a fairly large pot on the balcony I have two lilies.

In my brother’s garden

Once again I’m back home after my two days away in Cedar.

A stranger in the garden

A couple of interesting and uninvited strangers have appeared on my third floor balcony.

Give baskets new life

Today seems like a good time to talk about hanging baskets.

Bean climbs with clematis

Something rather special happened last week, my long-time friend Lucy W. came out for tea bringing a large manila envelope with her addressed to me.

Dutch iris shows in dark blue

I was out early this morning for a quick walk, and a search for something about gardens that would appeal to you.

Water, water everywhere

I know it is a pain in the neck to haul hoses, or lug heavy watering cans, but when it is hot, plants shrivel up unless they are kept moist.

The longest day approaches

The 21 of this month marks the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and a day celebrated around Stonehenge in England with music and dancing.

Shared pots help save space, make room

In spite of the still cool weather I’ve decided to get on…

Time to take the inside out

Today promises to be a warm, sunny day so I think it’s…

Choose shrubs for fragrant blooms

It’s actually sunny right now, but still not as warm as it…

Waiting for a warm-up

It must have been 10 years ago (at least) when I planted…

Stop dreaming and get planting

It’s still not warm, and it’s nearly the middle of May. Maybe…

It’s time to attack

Today I walked with my youngest daughter to the Victoria-bound bus, and…

First aid tricks for trailing vines

Even after all these years of using this computer I still lose…

Don’t forget to leave room for a chair in smaller garden spaces

In the kitchen I have two narrow-necked small vases full of water…

You can’t hide from aphids

I had high hopes when I moved to an apartment three floors…

Plant veggies among your flowers for a change

Although it remains pretty cool, it is getting to be that time.…

Sprouting seeds for summertime

Today I bought sweet-pea seeds, one package of knee high and the…