Helen Lang

HELEN LANG: From a hard childhood to a lovely garden

Gardener visits beautiful garden made by a man with a tough upbringin

HELEN LANG: Less (water) is more when it comes to plants

PNR's garden columnist shares watering tips for other gardeners

HELEN LANG: Amaryllis has its seasons confused

Helen Lang's amaryllis is blooming half a year too early

HELEN LANG: The wayward delusions of a miniature orange tree

Garden columnist writes about a hulkish orange tree, posing for photos and broccoli seedlings

HELEN LANG: To plant, or not to plant veggies

Still cool nights mean it might not be time to plant some veggies outdoors

HELEN LANG: Planting time is here for corn, beans

May is the right time to put seeds in the soil for some types of vegetables

HELEN LANG: Spectacular shrubbery dazzles garden writer

Pieris and Senecio shrubs peak garden columnist's interest

Dandelions spell spring for garden writer

Tulips blooming now, must be well cared for this time of year

Warm weather welcome

Helen Lang: time to start planning that summer garden now that the warmer weather is here

Fooler offers seed test tricks

Garden columnist only fools around on April 1, not in the garden

Budding blooms add spritely spring to step

Peninsula's long-time columnist gets into the swing of spring with a visit to Wain Road

HELEN LANG: Slow and steady, flowers bloom

Garden columnist sees little signs of spring in her garden

HELEN LANG: Heathers never liked this non-Scottish gardener

Leave it to a Scot to grow the best looking heathers this garden columnist has seen

HELEN LANG: German gardener’s landscaping stuns fellow gardener

News Review's garden columnist impressed with landscaping

HELEN LANG: Tuber time has now arrived

Garden columnist reminds readers to plant begonias in peatmoss, over indirect heat

HELEN LANG: Springtime-like sunshine means flowers on the brain

Floral gifts bring delight to Peninsula News Review’s garden columnist

HELEN LANG: Wilted flowers sometimes just need a cold bath

If your cut flowers are sagging, try dunking them in cool water

HELEN LANG: February – time to think about planting indoors

Garden columnist plans plantings for her mini greenhouse

HELEN LANG: Hellebores require a touch of care to thrive

But perennial’s colours are worth the effort it takes to maintain them

HELEN LANG: Despite the frost, blooms of hope appear

Bulbs showing green shoots despite the snow that blankets the Peninsula