Helen Lang

HELEN LANG: Pick your charities carefully

I want to do what I can to help as many as possible, but there comes a time when I can do no more.

Early thoughts and plans of Christmas

Holy smokes! Its December and the goose is getting fat, put another penny in the old man’s hat

HELEN LANG: How to use up a lifetime supply of carrots

Home again after a whole week of being totally spoiled. Actually I don’t approve. You get lazy, and expect instant attention.

Expecting too much this late

I swear I won’t mention Christmas again until the beginning of December

Fall for the bulbs and birds

Columnist offers a few suggestions about what we need to do at this miserable time of year

HELEN LANG: Backyards are for the birds

My balcony garden is looking pretty sad but there are birds flying by, and they seem lively

HELEN LANG: A gardener must be patient

Shallots haven’t shown up, but maybe it is too soon to expect action

HELEN LANG: Get those bulbs in the soil

The trees planted in the divider between north and south bound lanes on Fifth Street are absolutely glorious

HELEN LANG: The bounty of Langland

Thanksgiving is now just past, and writer is reminded of a sign put up on fence surrounding “Langland"

HELEN LANG: Eat your carrots before your dessert

Just think of all those wonderful winter squash, turnips, beets, kale, carrots and parsnips still growing in local gardens.

HELEN LANG: Colours a’changin’

Nights are getting darker earlier and temperatures are dropping

HELEN LANG: Dog days of summer fool area gardeners

Mist and dew on the ground indicate fall is on its way

HELEN LANG: Flowering plant likes to take over

Unsual flower, crocosmia, could be called an invasive species if it wasn't so beautiful

HELEN LANG: Bring your plants inside

Bringing houseplants in early could save them from yellowing, dropping leaves

HELEN LANG: Summer’s end brings different garden goods

Variety grows wider as weather grows cooler says Lang

HELEN LANG: This butterfly doesn’t bring joy

Columnist laments damage done by white cabbage butterfly

HELEN LANG: Trip to friend’s garden leaves columnist relaxed and loaded up with vegetables

Peninsula News Review's garden columnist writes about discovering a Secret Garden

HELEN LANG: Lily season dazzles the eyes

Day lilies along Lochside Drive stand out to PNR's garden columnist

HELEN LANG: Painting all plants with same brush has its consequences

Pole beans not producing while other plants take off

HELEN LANG: This year’s strawberries delicious but expensive

Sidney summer market on Thursday night was lovely, says garden columnist