Columnist courageous in admitting faults

She may not have been proud of gripes, but at least she admitted them

Binding arbitration would settle transit dispute

Qualification issue for drivers of smaller buses could be settled by third party

Poppy pinning a heartfelt gesture

Mount Douglas Park display makes for a poignant reminder of sacrifices

Count your blessings instead of pet peeves

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Ferries needs competition, privatizing

Retooling in order of the way B.C. Ferries does business

Hornby Island trustee doesn’t support bridge

Clarification of paraphrased comments made in News' story

Columnist, friends need a reality check

People need to show more compassion for others who may be in tough situations

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Elderly taking more time may have serious health problems

Fleur-de-lis on poppy a meaningful idea

Quebecers made a significant contribution to the war effort

Canadian singing sensation Tenore.

Tenore perform for Watoto

Watoto Canada is hosting a fundraising event at the Victoria Conference Centre on Nov. 10

Canadian singing sensation Tenore.

Ferries operation can be more efficient

Many alternatives to the current mode of transporting people, vehicles

Poppy symbol doesn’t reasonate for reader

Second World War veteran doesn't feel heroic after service to country

Weak majority shows flaws in the system

How can a government gain a majority with just 39 per cent of the popular vote?

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Our country's international aid budget an embarrassment

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Anti-bullying program reaches down to roots

Roots of Empathy program having success in Manitoba

Secret deals by feds erode Canadian democracy

Lack of debate on FIPPA noted, as is potential for disaster

Canada a democracy, not a dictatorship

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Reader wonders where the money is coming from for provincial announcements

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