CPP, EI and medical are benefits – not taxes

Primer on federal benefits offered up by News reader

Decision to not replace auditor general political

B.C. Liberals influence decision to remove John Doyle

Booze laws encourage drinking

Liberal government more interested in liquor revenues

Bus union tactic a selfish, hurtful act

Strike day proposal leaves vulnerable people out in the cold

Public input dubious, says hearing speaker

Enbridge hearings have too many rules to allow for valuable community connection

Proposed tanker route is too risky

Research shows too many risks involved with proposed tanker route

Reader provides alternate project list for CRD funding

Sewage treatment money could pay for many other worthwhile projects

Relatives’ motivation can lead to elder abuse

Unsavoury people tend to be good at convincing others to do dumb things

Don’t get all self-righteous about firearms

Discussions about policing make more sense than tough-guy approach

Teen tanning bed ban not on federal radar

Federal politicians should stop bickering long enough to protect children’s rights

Editorial missed the mark on Year 2000 challenges

Programmer points out some real challenges with new millennium

Canada turns its back on the world’s poor

2012 was a dark year for Canada’s reputation as a helping, compassionate citizen on the world stage

Visitor to Victoria recalls wartime visit

Trip to Fairmont Empress Hotel brings back memories

Teen tanning ban not on federal radar

Federal private member's bill seems to have died on the table

Canada heading in the wrong direction on guns

Conservative government appears supportive of gun culture

Green alternative for home heating

Homeowner finds success with environmentally friendly solution

Electric heating offers clean, comfortable option

Oil tanks should become a messy thing of the past in terms of household heating

Safety rep’s statements refuted by U.S. research

Flashing lights shown to make a difference at U.S. crosswalks

Financial plan lacking for sewage project

Economics of treatment project don't add up for reader

Many issues in byelection, not just sewage treatment

Despite importance to many local voters, Greater Victoria's sewage not a national issue