Travelling the road to a better city

Reducing speed in urban and residential areas an investment in healthier and more functional society

Appreciation given for Anglican ideas

Pursuing true gender equality is a very positive step for church

Slowing vehicles down would create livability

It's time for our car-centricity to yield to human-powered transportation

COLUMN: Tax time illustrates cuts at CRA

Evaporation of services may leave some Canadians adrift at tax time

Aid and mining; now’s our chance to make a difference

Canada has a chance to help rid industry of tuberculosis

MLA pensions out of touch with real world

Retiring politicians have it much better off than many seniors

Modern rail, historic buildings able to co-exist

Roundhouse buildings can be integrated into transportation picture for Victoria

Clark sets a poor example for women in politics

Former MLA's comments have two sides, right and wrong

Reader trusts Suzuki over newspaper columnist

Tom Fletcher's comments about beloved scientist rile reader

Suzuki not above media criticism

Congratulations offered to columnist who dares to criticize scientist

Do your homework before enrolling in post-secondary

Think about your passions before spending money on schooling

Columnist hits the mark in expanding recycling

Reader asks, how about expanding on ways to reuse and reduce?

COLUMN, BRUCE CARTER: Regional transport body needed

Co-ordinated approach the best way to move forward on planning for region

Ex-Liberal MLA backs up former colleague Clark

Sheila Orr takes issue with treatment of Christy Clark

Investigate wireless for future news story

Letter writer's sources prompt further questions on electromagnetic fields

Omissions noteworthy in smart meters letter

B.C. Hydro manager's explanation filled with holes

Overfishing main culprit for lack of herring

Reasons for lack of herring are obvious, reader writes

Mental illness robs people of life

Fewer success stories than letter writer portrays

B.C. Hydro responds to attack on its smart meter technology

Explanations given about levels of radio frequency emissions

PM can thank Liberals for financial picture

Credit for Canada's relatively healthy financial status