We have food choices

Let’s do the necessary to have a safe and sustainable food supply for our Island

Thanks to Virginia Smith and Bob Savage for taking the time to express their concerns.

For those of us who are complacent in their acceptance of the worldwide food disaster that has been created for the enormous profits of a few huge globalized corporations at the expense of the health and well being of billions of people, I say take a closer look at what is going on.

Our governments have supported this development and stood by while it has taken shape. Our trust in government has been betrayed. This condemnation sounds extreme and controversial, if not biased, but if you look into what you are being fed, you will likely be looking for change.

We are so blessed to live here on the Saanich Peninsula. My wife and I choose to avoid GMO foods. We avoid HFCS. We do not support CAFO and battery-produced animal products. We avoid fast-foods. We choose local first regardless of cost. We support Small-Scale-Intensive Organic local producers. We support local staple-foods farmers.  We grow at home. We bake our own organic bread exclusively.

We have found through years of interest in the subject of food that the best diet over all is a plant-based whole-food diet rich in variety with a very limited amount of animal-based food.  Our diet is fabulous.  Our health is too.

Arm yourself with knowledge. We have choices here that many other people worldwide don’t. It’s a blessing. Let’s do the necessary to have a safe and sustainable food supply for our Island. The world could benefit from our example. It starts with knowledge.

Brian Trotto

Central Saanich