We all pay for gas taxes, drivers or not

We know gas tax revenue goes into the general tax pool which subsidizes many things, good or bad.

Mr. Holman’s view on taxing gas  does not make one bit of sense.

Roughly one third of gas prices are taxes and that results in extra costs for not only commuters who he seems to target, but also all business owners including police, fire, ambulance, recyclers, delivery drivers who keep the economy rolling — and, ironically, transit as well.

We  know gas tax revenue goes into the general tax pool which subsidizes many things, good or bad, and very little gets back into road infrastructure and improvements like the blue bridge.

Taking transit doesn’t reduce gridlock, as people who can afford to drive always will, as it’s a luxury few will give up. Many cannot due to time constraints, bus availability and the self employed, which was the leading indicator of rising employment figures.

Mr. Holman should know by now that gas taxes add to inflation figures and a reduced economy. I don’t want higher food prices, health care, municipal or school taxes, entertainment fees, electricity, internet, cable and the above green and essential jobs I mentioned that affect your take home pay and purchases.

We all pay extra for gas taxes whether you drive or not. Think mail, home heating and cooking, recycling and transportation fees including bus, taxi, ferry, airlines, handy dart, school buses and even that item you shopped for online.

This isn’t  about taxing drivers again, as it affects us all one way or another. I was laid off due to gas taxes, ferry prices and federal taxes imposed on my delivery contents.

Stuart Walker, Central Saanich