Letters: Shop local in Sidney

Shop local and support the small businesses in small town Sidney

L.M. Longley suggests we just allow massive retail developments because it’s good for the community. Suggesting the elderly having to drive to Victoria is an issue.

It’s not, the communities are served by the small businesses in Sidney, Brentwood, and Central Saanich. These stores have all the same goods for 5 to 15 per cent more money, yes more money. A small business can’t compete with Walmart’s buying power. But consumerists say going to a big box store (at the end of the year), really does not save you any money, and costs your community a ton in lost revenues and trickle-downs.

I for one shop local 99 per cent of the time, and I’m only in my early 30s. If I can in this economic climate, what’s stopping you!?

Noel Gagnon