LETTERS: No role to mediate

With due respect to Mr. Gagnon in a recent letter to the editor, I submit it is neither the Town of Sidney’s or the Economic Development Commission’s role to ‘mediate’ between landlords and businesses. Establishing baseline metrics, eg: leaseable space, and monitoring them is but one critical pillar.

This process is not going to be completed in the short term. The EDC have clearly defined Terms of Reference and have developed a comprehensive workplan to meet the objectives as stated.

“The Economic Development Commission’s primary objectives are to:

Develop and implement a sustainable economic development strategy that will identify opportunities and specific initiatives to enhance economic growth in the Town of Sidney

Enhance economic development opportunities through development and promotion of Business Retention &Expansion (BR &E) initiatives

Assist in the promotion of revitalization efforts in downtown Sidney

Help foster an attractive investment environment for the commercial sector

Assist in the promotion of a positive image for Sidney and area to attract businesses, investment, residents and visitors.”

Businesses need to insure they have a sound business plan identifying their target market as well as potential economic risks (rising rents, utilities, competition and other market conditions).

Brian Losie