Letters: Climate models flawed

Warmer periods are to be expected in the future for Vancouver Island

In response to the most recent Peninsula News Review’s (July, 29, 2015) editorial: “Past Climate for the Future”, I wish to emphasize, that though climate changes such as the present warming are also suggested by the Climate models, these simulations remain deeply flawed. There are as a result of the many model weaknesses, many more scientists that are becoming opposed to the still predominate view, that our recent climate warming has been primarily caused by the increasing amounts of greenhouse gases, as produced mostly by human endeavours.

I concur with what I believe Dr. Kendrick Brown is alluding to when he is indicated as saying that he does not necessarily predict hotter summers on Vancouver Island. I believe that Dr. Kendrick Brown is drawing upon his knowledge of warmer intervals being a part of natural variability as shown by warm climate excursions approximately 9,000, 6,000, and about 1,000 years ago, a time known as the Medieval Warm Period. These warm periods, and also cold intervals are to be expected in future as our climate varies, naturally.

Rod Chilton,