LETTERS: Be sure to mark a ballot on May 9

I agree with Robert Jones recent letter that, in this riding, we have three good candidates representing their Parties. It is now up to voters choose the best person to represent them in Victoria.

The writer also suggests that it is helpful to have direct access to the Premier and Cabinet by electing an MLA majority Party member. I suggest that voters don’t consider this in making their decision.

In B.C. and locally, we really don’t know who will be the winner. A minority government is very possible and a very few number of votes seems likely to be the margin of victory locally. Besides, having to guess a winner to get the goodies is just not how our government should work.

I will be voting for Adam Olsen, the person and the BC Greens. Use whatever method you wish to make your choice but be sure to mark it on a ballot. Get out and vote!

Murray Weisenberger

North Saanich