Saanich staff give direction to cyclists Wednesday at the intersection of McKenzie Avenue and Borden Street morning as improvements to the Lochside Regional Trail opened. District of Saanich

Letter: Consider raised bike lanes over intersections

Re: ‘Saanich opens new cycling connection,’ June 28

I’m an old time cyclist, sailor, ex-provincial M.O.T.I. staffer, co-founder and defacto organizer of VEVA Islands, the local Electric Vehicle chapter of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Assn. I’ve used the [Borden-McKenzie] interchange for 25 years and am a local advocate, critic and idealist for emissions free transportation and trail based commuting.

Aside from that my hobby is unicycling and I currently reside in Sidney.

Having visited the Borden upper Quadra area for 50 years and residing in Victoria and Sidney since 1993 I find this site interesting with a diverse history and much potential for transport and travel integration in our community.

In noting the opening and having crossed there hundreds of times, I had a hindsight “uh huh” moment with thoughts of how effective and efficient a raised circular walkway would have been. I saw this idea presented by architect Frank D’Ambrosio in Sidney in 2016 (SEE PHOTO ABOVE) as part of the townships streetscapes and urban design review.

With $550,000 spent it would have been special to see the raised option costed and considered with its completely separated walk and bikeway. Perhaps one was considered? . In reality, I usually find small changes, signage, and social enterprise offer the sweetest improvements when it comes biking and travelling. But there are always exceptions. I should add I am an active supporter of trails, path and on street cycling. I for one don’t really find a safety advantage of one over the other.

All I do know is whether walking, biking or driving, the slower the speed the less chance of serious accident or fatality.

Anyways, I guess we can be thankful we got something there and at least a portion of it provincially funded. It will surely increase trail use and further raise the visibility of cycling in the CRD. A bit of Vancouver-style cycle pathing right beside the ICBC Driver testing start point.

Who would of guessed?

Cam Rawlinson