Food banks perform a community service

Re: Donations are an investment in the future, PNR, Jan. 9.

Re: Donations are an investment in the future, PNR, Jan. 9.

I would like to make a few comments on the letter by Mr. Fred Langford in the Jan. 9 Peninsula News Review. A contribution to the Star Cinema and a donation to the Sidney Lions Food Bank are both investments in the health of our community.

Happily, our local food bank has not had to get into the business of promotion because the need is well recognized in the support of the three core municipalities we serve and the generosity of businesses, other agencies and the general public on the Peninsula. As a result of this support from our community, we can distribute $33,000 worth of food and vouchers, not cash, on average each month.

We serve an average of 1,000 people, 350 families, each month who cannot otherwise feed themselves and their children for the whole month.

While the possibility of abuse in Mr. Langford’s words, may exist, it is minimized by systems in place locally and with other food banks in the region.

I would invite Mr. Langford and any other interested person to visit our site and learn about our operation.

In closing, I would suggest, given the economic situation worldwide and, yes, even in Sidney, that the sight of a beggar in the street would be much more common if it weren’t for the Sidney Lions Food Bank and other charitable organizations worldwide.

Bill Foster, vice-president

Sidney Lions Food Bank