Steel saucers built by Sidney’s Ramsay

Metal fabricating company had contract for 28 grain hoppers

These upside-down hoppers were hard to miss as they sat on land along McDonald Park Road.

If you’ve ever wondered what the latest big steel creations by Ramsay Machine works Ltd. are, wonder no further.

A collection of UFO or saucer-looking units resting on blocks on McDonald Park Road in the West Sidney Industrial Park are, in fact, grain hoppers. Twenty-eight of them were built by Ramsay and are currently being shipped out to their client. Fraser Ramsay, vice-president of the Sidney-based company, says they recently completed the fabricating work and aded he cannot say who their client is.

The project, he continued, lasted four months and was a unique job for Ramsay.

“This was the first time we’ve completed an order of this size for similar things of this style,” he said.

The fact they look a little like UFOs, he explained, is because they are being stored upside down. Once installed into tanks, he said they will funnel grain towards the bottom (or top, if you’re looking at them upside down).

The hoppers are being shipped across the tarmac of the Victoria International Airport — the same way they moved the giant pieces of a steel coal conveyor last year — to waiting barges at Patricia Bay before being transported to their final destination.