Price tagged for mayoral run

Town of Sidney: Price, Steve - Mayor Candidate. Steve Price is calling for a clean, positive election campaign without any dirty politics

Steve Price.

Steve Price is calling for a clean, positive election campaign without any dirty politics played by his opponents and form what he termed this week as ‘fringe elements’.

Price was referring to the Save Our Sidney (SOS) group that formed earlier this year to act as self-proclaimed watchdogs of council when it comes to business and economic development in the downtown core. SOS also has a strong contingent of people who believe the incumbents are on the wrong side of the one-way and two-way traffic debate on Beacon Avenue.

Price is one of two people to announce their intent to run for mayor of the Town of Sidney in the wake of current Mayor Larry Cross recently announcing he won’t seek a third term. The other is Steve Duck, a local businessman who has been heavily involved with SOS.

Price says he credits SOS for staying on message and continuing to call for Beacon Avenue to return to a two-way traffic configuration. But he said more recent public surveys have shown a majority of residents want the main street to stay as-is.

“If things are working well, you don’t dismantle it,” he said.

That’s part of Price’s main message at this early stage of the 2014 municipal election campaign in Sidney. With the endorsement and support of Cross and four of the five incumbent councillors, Price said he’s running to continue the work already being done by the council.

“It has been in my mind for a while (to run),” Price said. “But I didn’t want to run against Larry.”

Now that Cross will not seek the job, Price said he wants it to continue council’s work on such issues as the pedestrian overpass of Highway 17 and the Mayor’s Task Force on Downtown Revitalization. Price said he is taking recent comments of his being a clone of Larry Cross as a compliment.

“I’ve worked with Larry and he’s been a good mentor. But I’ve always been my own person.”

Price said he plans to further the work of the council in areas such as economic development, transportation, Beacon Wharf upgrades and more.