Fisherman comes forward after Central Saanich motorcyclists struck by line

Police will not be recommending charges after fishing line became snagged in trees.

An individual has come forward in a recent incident that saw a motorcyclist and his passenger injured by an alleged line string across a Central Saanich rural road on Monday.

Police report an individual contacted Central Saanich police after discovering all of the fishing line from one of his rods was missing. The rods, which were placed in his boat upright in racks, had likely caught a low hanging tree branch along Thompson Place, said police. At this time, police have said they aren’t contemplating any charges.

On Monday, the motorcyclist and passenger reported minor injuries after driving their bike through what they thought was a wire or heavy fishing line.

Corporal Dan Cottingham of the Central Saanich Police Service said other witnesses came forward who had driven vehicles through the line as well.

He said police found a bit more of the line closer to Mount Newton Cross Road. He said vehicles had likely transported some of the line after it got snagged in their cars.

He warned that boaters should be aware of their equipment to avoid such incidents happening again.