ELECTION 2014: Candidate QandA with Carl Jensen

Candidate QandA with councillor candidate Carl Jensen

  • Wed Nov 5th, 2014 4:00pm
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Carl Jensen

Carl Jensen

Occupation: Supervisor, Ministry of Finance.

Background: I am currently serving my first term as a Central Saanich councillor. Prior to being elected I served as a citizen rep. on the Peninsula Recreation Commission and the Central Saanich Advisory Planning Commission.

I have worked for the province for the last seven years. I have a BA in Sociology and an MBA in Executive Management.

1.  Why are you running for Council?

I love Central Saanich and I plan on growing old here!

But more importantly I want my children to have the opportunity to grow up here as well and raise their children here as well.

I don’t believe in giving directions from the sidelines to improve a community, I prefer to jump in and help make it happen.

2.  What are your top three issues to tackle, if elected?

First, I want to continue to support agriculture by working with farmers to support them in achieving innovative and sustainable farming practices.

Second, I want to be part of the Central Saanich Economic Development Advisory Committee to ensure that all businesses across the District have a voice at the council table.

Third, I want to develop a Walkability Masterplan so that Central Saanich can establish a long range plan to create safe passageways between the various areas of Central Saanich.

3.  What kind of leadership will you bring to council?

I will bring an open mind to the council table because I believe that every proposal/opportunity deserves a thorough analysis to determine whether or not it is a good fit for the municipality.  I feel this common sense strategy provides the strongest possible leadership for our residents and businesses.

4.  What are your thoughts on industrial, residential and agricultural balance in Central Saanich?

It is exactly that, a balance that an be effectively managed so that we as a community benefit from all of those activities within our borders! But at the same time we need to make best efforts to respect the distinctions between the three and that’s why I do not support the suggestion that Keating should be built up to include residential units above the commercial tenants.

5.  Do you think council should proceed with the proposed Maber Flats project?

As this is still an active file for the current Council, I will continue to maintain an open mind until all information has been received and I am required to make a final decision on the acquisition.